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Toggle Switches for Aerial Lifts

Keep aerial lifts functioning properly with upgraded parts, or simply replace damaged components with new ones. For toggle buttons or switches, look no further than our extensive selection. Aerial Equipment Parts offers replacement toggle switches for aerial lifts, forklifts, agricultural machinery, and equipment for the aerospace or military industry.

Find waterproof toggle switches and buttons that are easy to install and ready for immediate use. All products are fully sealed and water tight, plus they meet military specifications. In addition, they are fully plated to resist corrosion and are designed for harsh environments of various conditions. Able to resist shocks and vibrations, too! Our aerial lift toggle switches are available in screw terminals or spade terminals. We stock for most major brands, including JGL, Genie, SkyJack, Grove, MEC and more. Shipping is fast and easy! Call or e-mail Aerial Equipment Parts today to speak with a member of our staff. With years of experience in the industry we’ll gladly answer any questions or address concerns. Shop today!

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